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Our Services

We strive to create the best learning solutions for your particular needs, no matter the size or industry.

Needs Assessment and Content Creation

Your customers are well informed and your employees do great work, but there is always room for improvement. We work closely with you to pinpoint and prioritize any current or anticipated knowledge or skill gaps. We then couple industry research with your company’s talent; we help you to organize your goals, expertise, and experience into interesting bundles of knowledge for your employees or customers to consume. Should you request it, we also provide research-derived content for any knowledge or skills that fall outside of your expertise.

Our Instructional Designs

We believe employees can be learning and teaching without taking away from productivity. Our proactive approach to on-the-job training is to create an intrinsic motivation to learn and share up-to-date information and skills, and to improve behavior adoption rates. Our courses are designed to last beyond the initial learning, via coaching tools for managers, communities of practice, and reinforcing tools.

Delivery Methods

Our learning solutions include virtual reality (providing safe places to learn from mistakes), augmented reality, online self-guided experiences, videos, educational games, info graphics, reference tools, coaching guides, classic face-to-face classes, and more. Our tech people will work with you to find the right-fit solution, and make sure the solution can be delivered with ease.

Outcome and Discretion

It's important to us to know that our work has had significant positive results in your business. To this end, we like to measure business outcomes. However, you will never see a company name posted on this site, and we will never share information about your company with any other company.

Our Story

We are a team of designers, developers, researchers, educators, medical professionals, digital artists, facilitators, and diversity experts with decades of experience creating efficient and effective training of all kinds.

Our Process

Our process begins with learning about your needs, and ends only once those needs have been met. We begin by asking the simple question, what would success look like? From there we conduct a thorough analysis to exactly pinpoint what material should be learned, and by whom. We then go about collecting and organizing the material, i.e., the content, or the stuff to include in the training. Because time is critical, we work with you to provide a minimum viable product that you can begin using immediately, while we perfect the final design. The process is iterative to ensure you get what you actually need, based on assessments.

Our Approach

We are agile, learner-centric, and research-driven. More importantly, we know that if you lead a horse to water, it won’t drink unless it’s thirsty! That’s why we work to make learning contagious, using models that lead people to develop their own intrinsic motivations to apply what they have learned in training, with a thirst to learn even more. We take your organization into account and develop training for your culture. Because your success is our success, we are with you every step of the way, from analysis to research, through design, development, and implementation, all the way to outcomes evaluation, and maintenance.

For more information, please send us a note to tp@futurecg.com!